The Lying Disease by Cienna Madrid

Munchausen syndrome is one of extensive and ongoing lying and fakery. The age of the internet makes ever more easy to manifest, but  the effects on the victims can still be as devastating as ever. When called out, sufferers often crank it up a notch out of narcissism, sadness or loneliness. 

“But while Beth e-mailed daily updates on her mortifying pregnancy—”Aborting it is what [my doctor] would recommend his daughter to do. He doesn’t think I could handle it mentally or physically. Blah blah.”—Valerie contacted her own oncologist about the content she’d read on Beth’s blog. She remembers one about Beth throwing up blood between classes at school, then skipping to the hospital to get a five-unit blood transfusion. “My doc was like, ‘There’s no way in hell that’s happening,'” Valerie says. An adult has 11 to 13 units of blood in their body, total, and from the pictures she’d posted, Beth was a petite woman. If she’d lost half the blood in her body, she’d die, not be home in time to blog about it before dinner.”

The Lying Disease by Cienna Madrid – Seattle Features – The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper


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