Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly

Inevitably, somebody has calculated exact probabilities and net sum of each action in Monopoly, including Community and Chance cards. It appears the best strategy is to buy Red/Orange properties and as many Railroads as possible, all else being equal (like bargaining ability).

On a related note, the shortest possible game (between two players) ends in just two turns:

“The railroads are excellent investments, particularly when owned together, although in absolute income terms they don’t keep up with heavily built on properties later in the game. The best return on investment to be found is from putting a third house on New York Avenue. In fact, the third house has the fastest payoff of any building on almost all of the properties. The square most landed on other than Jail is Illinois Avenue, and in fact a hotel there will bring the most income other than a hotel on Boardwalk. By far the worst individual investment is to buy Medeterranean Avenue without first owning Baltic.”

Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly®


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