Are Your Facebook Friends Stressing You Out?

Is there such a thing as too ubiquitous? The author argues that being everywhere at all times, as everything to everyone, combined with a requirement to maintain a persona, and keep an ear out for privacy, can be potentially draining.

“The stress comes, Marder theorizes, from the kind of personal versioning that is so common in analog life — the fact that you (probably) behave slightly differently when you’re with your mom than you do when you’re with your boss, or with your boyfriend, or with your dentist. And it comes, even more specifically, from the social nuance of that versioning behavior colliding with the blunt social platform that is The Facebook. Behaviors like swearing and drinking and smoking, the study suggests, are behaviors that you (might) do with friends — but not (probably) with your boss. And, more subtly, language that you might use with your friends — in-jokes, slang, references to Breaking Bad — probably won’t track when you’re in a different social context. The awareness of that discrepancy — Facebook’s tendency to disseminate even highly targeted social interactions — leads to stress.”

Are Your Facebook Friends Stressing You Out? (Yes)

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