Shoot Hip or Die – The New Inquiry

More on the rise of Instagram, filter-fatigue, tackiness and the reasoning behind it – but not to discount the beneficial social aspect of it. It’s nowadays easy to create false sentiment, and to make otherwise mundane pictures ‘arty’. It’s much harder to learn and practice what makes a good photograph. 

“They’re all over Twitter and Facebook, vignetted to death, the blacks washed into purples or reds like old Polaroids. iPhones shoot with a rectangular frame, but the software chops it down to a square and slaps an arbitrarily aged border on the photo. It takes only a second, and that is perhaps the worst thing you can say about it, because it means anybody can do it. The more popular it gets, the tackier it will become.”

“Why? Because. Because Hipstamatic/Instagram manufacture decay. Because it’s what you get when people with money and taste are bored by reality; money because you need a smartphone or iPad with Internet to properly use Hipsta/gram; taste because no fool would deliberately age a photograph without ulterior aesthetic motives; bored because why else would you need to dramatically modify photographs of the Brooklyn Bridge, the beach, your beautiful friends?”

Shoot Hip or Die – The New Inquiry


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