The Sometimes-Beautiful Struggle | Bit Creature

It seems like everything is ‘gamified’ these days – achievements and awards abound, often in a painfully basic and transparent way, a twisted figment of some marketer’s mind to tick off the boxes. Gamification has its place, but it’s overuse has a darker side, one that serves to discount and numb us from the full experiences that life offers.

“Must we reframe, or conceal, these things with games—games that we can only play along with until life flips the board on us? If it makes reality more palatable, game-like qualities can possibly be applied to life without any conflict. But to entertain notions of empathy—even of awareness of both the world outside of us and within us, it’s necessary for us to endure, accept and engage with the ugly and the difficult, the unfair, the unjust and even the oppressive. I’m not convinced that these are things that can satisfactorily be understood by looking to game-like incentives as a global panacea. Games as an expressive medium are still figuring out how to portray these themes and issues better as it is.”

The Sometimes-Beautiful Struggle | Bit Creature


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