You choose

Contrary to traditional thinking, the more choice consumers face beyond a point, the worse the outcome from them. They might choose ‘correctly’, but the effort of sorting the wheat from the chaff takes a tremendous toll. Often, they don’t, and that’s where having less choices can be more beneficial than more – something ever so relevant in our time and attention starved modern lifestyles.

My approach to purchases now is simple – Assess the true reason for buying. If you must buy, then best ‘value’ is a function of benefit/usage, it’s not necessarily always the cheapest. In other words – Buy Once, Buy Right, then set and forget. Don’t be a slave to brands or consumerism.

Related video – Schwarz’s TED talk – The Paradox of Choice (Barry Schwartz: The paradox of choice)

“The more that options multiply, the more important brands become. Today, when paralysed by bewildering choice, a consumer will often turn to a brand that is cleverly marketed to appear to be one that others trust.”

You choose


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