Why 4K TVs are stupid

4K is the next big thing, if the TV manufacturers are correct. But is it really? Only if, at average viewing distance of 10-odd feet, you have a bigger than 77″ TV. If you sit any further, or have any smaller a TV, then the pixels will be indiscernible. Remember that your eyes can only tell the difference in pixels the closer you get to the surface. In short, for many people, but not all, it’s an unnecessary gimmick. I’m a sucker for unnecessary gimmicks.

“The 4K standard is roughly 4,096×2,160 pixels. I say roughly as there isn’t a decided standard. So if a company says 3,840×2,160 pixels, that’s basically 4K, too (it’s more accurately called QFHD, or Quad Full HD). You see, 4K is a cinema standard, and given all the variations in screen widths because of different aspect ratios, it’s hard to give one specific number. Suffice it to say, 4K is about double the horizontal and vertical resolution of what you have at home right now.”

Why 4K TVs are stupid


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