Faked Lumia Footage

So Nokia was busted using entirely faked footage for their advertisements on their upcoming Lumia 920 Pureview phone. Save yourself the reading and just see the results:

1) Here’s what the original advertisement looks like (PureView The next innovation). You can see at 0:27, in the reflection there’s a van driving alongside with a big ‘ol professional camera hanging out the side. 

2) For the still promotional images, they’ve been torn apart here: http://sefsar.com/nokia-faked-the-still-photos-too. Complete with professional lighting rigs. 

3) This is what the actual real-life Lumia OIS looks like in action: OIS on Nokia Lumia 920. Not bad, but nothing revolutionary. There have been software on-device stabilisation options available for a while now. 

What’s interesting is that NOT using the original device is pretty standard fare (see tablet usage commercial for example). But to do it so blatantly, without the standard fine print, and WHEN the standard camera isn’t half-bad (the low-light shots are pretty good), is baffling. There’s a lot riding on this one.


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