The Secret Shopper – The New Inquiry

The life of the mystery shopper, the people who peruse stores as everyday people, then report back to the company on the quality of the goods or service. I suspect this is one of those jobs which sounds good in theory, and the novelty wears off shortly after.

“Sometimes mystery shoppers are asked to do something like check that all the clothes in a store are the size it says on their hangers without buying anything, or videotape an entire dental exam without getting noticed. More often they are tasked with making sure certain brand names are visible in enough places or monitoring if the cashier is pushing the right promotions, often checking what clerks say against the exact language they are expected to have memorized that week. Mystery shoppers at restaurants often need a thermometer to test food temperatures, while other companies require shoppers to carry a stopwatch so they can measure the time (to the second!) it takes them to be greeted.”*

The Secret Shopper – The New Inquiry


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