Apple Stores’ Army, Long on Loyalty but Short on Pay

Just like any retailer, it’s in Apple’s best interests to minimise costs, whilst delivering the best service possible. Where the disparity occurs is when people know the profits being made and make (incorrect) comparisons to worker income – such as with Foxconn. In the retail stores, they will hire bottom dollar techs, leverage the brand, and watch more people line up to take the their places.

The biggest crime here is calling them ‘Geniuses’, they are glorified hamsters.

“The phrase that trainees hear time and again, which echoes once they arrive at the stores, is “enriching people’s lives.” The idea is to instill in employees the notion that they are doing something far grander than just selling or fixing products. If there is a secret to Apple’s sauce, this is it: the company ennobles employees. It understands that a lot of people will forgo money if they have a sense of higher purpose.”

Asymco works out that it’s around $40 profit ‘per visitor’ to the store, in an average of 13 minutes ( Some actual Apple Store employees respond to the original article here (

“The retail side of the company is a tiny version of the message he stood for. Make other people do the hard labor while you collect the profits. This is the overall message of any business class you take in college, but we notice more because we are talking about billions of dollars in profits. This being said, it doesn’t make it feel great knowing you helped sell millions of dollars and are still having trouble paying rent.  There are times when I will sell more in one day than I make in an entire year.”*

Apple Stores’ Army, Long on Loyalty but Short on Pay


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