Windows 8 Part 1: A business decision

But wait, even if traditional PC desktop users dislike Windows 8, at least Microsoft still has it’s loyal army of enterprise customers to rely on in the long term. Well, according to analyst firm Gartner’s feelers, it will be a very long time, if ever. Will enterprise rush headlong into the touchy feely, psychedelic-themed, flip-flopping, mish-mash that is Windows 8?

“We recently did a large field research study and specifically asked all of our interviewees if they were looking at Windows 8, most laughed. The fact is most enterprises are still trying to get to Windows 7 and few enterprises are ready for Windows 8. I believe that after the lessons of Windows ME and Windows Vista many enterprises will wait on Windows 8 to see how it works out.”*

Windows 8 Review – Part 1: A business decision


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