What Facebook Knows – Technology Review

This article is fascinating from the ‘human’ point of view – the ability to use science with big data to foresee trends and predict the social and cultural factors that affect us. Facebook is unique in that it allows these researchers to have an unprecedented amount of very specific information and connections to work with. It’s just a shame it’s ultimately used for the betterment of the shareholders, not humankind. 

“Known internally as the Data Science Team, it is a kind of Bell Labs for the social-networking age. The group has 12 researchers—but is expected to double in size this year. They apply math, programming skills, and social science to mine our data for insights that they hope will advance Facebook’s business and social science at large. Whereas other analysts at the company focus on information related to specific online activities, Marlow’s team can swim in practically the entire ocean of personal data that Facebook maintains. “

What Facebook Knows – Technology Review


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