The Genius of QVC

Just how does TV shopping work? We often write it off as appealing to those of much weaker-will, but there’s an immense amount of psychology at play. Pander to our natural impulses and remove all obstacles (it works for social networks too!). Fact is, we’re brought up in ad-driven cultures to live in endless cycles of misguided consumption to find elusive happiness. 

“Shopping produces a pleasurable sensation in the brain. Dopamine receptors light up, as the brain anticipates the reward of a shiny new object—and the more objects they have to contemplate, the longer our receptors are kept in an agitated state. When you’re watching QVC, the hosts provide social cues that enhance these sensations, inviting you to imagine all the ways that you might use the product—amping up the anticipated reward.”

The Genius of QVC


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