Erik McClure: Microsoft Internship

An intern’s recollection of his time working at Microsoft. The article sub-headings probably sum it up best: Bloatware, Meetings, The Managed Cult. Read on.

“Did I mention that the project is written in like 5 different languages, two of which were created specifically for it? They were all managed, of course, but that didn’t stop the program from leaking memory out of its ears. When I was brought on, there were some very severe memory leaks from moving a window around, somehow, and they had only just managed to reduce the leak from something truly horrifying to a more manageable 4 MB/hour or something to that effect. Forget trying tofix memory leaks, the best they can do, when using a bunch of managed languages, is just reduce the amount of memory being thrown into the shredder. It was unspeakably bad.”

Erik McClure: Microsoft Internship


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