Google’s Marissa Mayer named Yahoo CEO- MSN Money

After a series of atrocious, but hilarious blunders in hiring choices (namely angry troll Carol Bartz and fake degree Scott Thompson), Yahoo finally has somebody competent at the helm, in the form of Marissa Mayer. One of Google’s first engineers with a Masters in Computer Science and the company’s strongest assets to date. I’ve been a fan of Mayer for quite a while, especially in the under-represented female engineer demographic, and she’s clearly somebody who doesn’t lack the skills, focus or determination to get the job done, if her interviews are anything to go by. 

I suspect that Daniel Loeb (who was instrumental in uncovering Thompson’s farce) has been a driving force in pushing for the company to hire somebody far more competent and experienced, and I also think that Mayer being relocated from the Search division to Local at Google didn’t do her morale any favours. Whether this will be enough to to turnaround the ailing giant is yet to be seen, but it’s their last and best hope. Perhaps she will be able to answer the question what the past few CEO’s have been unable to really answer: What ‘exactly’ does Yahoo do? 

Google’s Marissa Mayer named Yahoo CEO- MSN Money


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