Ratio of PCs sold over Macs drops to 1985 levels

There’s a number of good reasons why OS X is rapidly gaining popularity:

* OS X has reached a level of usability and polish to become more accessible by the mainstream, whilst retaining features that appeal to power users. Around ~10% worldwide share and steadily rising.

* High quality hardware (especially units like the Air and the RMBP), with attention to detail and usability. A flood of inconsistent and sometimes inferior PC models, at sometimes equal or higher price points, leads to buyer confusion and remorse. 

* A reduction in the disparity in prices due to economies of scale / manufacturing advantages. Whether by spec sheet or by user experience, they are still competitive.

* Cross-platform development by many commonly used software packages. Easy to use VM or dual-boot solutions for others. 

* Flow-on effect of the vast numbers of iOS users towards OS X, where Apple services such as iTunes and iCloud are tightly integrated with the OS. 

* Gradually increased enterprise adoption of OS X, with much work and documentation completed to assist in AD, network integration and security policies. 

* People realising they spend much of their time within a browser, regardless of OS. 

I also firmly expect that the introduction of Windows 8 will send many more users over to OS X. Apple can thank Microsoft for sending me over to a Macbook. Review and thoughts upcoming.

Ratio of PCs sold over Macs drops to 1985 levels

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