Diablo 3: The Blizzard sweatshop | ExtremeTech

A look at Diablo III’s real-money auction house, and how it’s been designed to be a potential cash printing-press for Blizzard/Activision. Good for them, though from what I gather, the dynamics and reward payout ratio of the game are somewhat different (and less addictive) than Diablo II. 

“In a stroke of genius, Blizzard set a minimum price of $2.5 per 1 million gold. To put this into perspective, you can farm around 500,000 gold per hour; so, before Blizztax, you can earn $1.25/hour. This stops inflation, which slowly decreases the value of gold. This also provides a very solid stopgap for item pricing: If an item costs 1 million gold on the gold auction house, then $2.50 is a good starting point on the RMAH … In other games, where black market trade is rife, bots are obviously frowned upon. In D3, where there’s a minimum price for gold — where Blizzard always gets at least 15% of every transaction — bots don’t matter. They can’t ruin the economy — they just stand to make Blizzard more money. “

Diablo 3: The Blizzard sweatshop | ExtremeTech


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