Augmented Reality

Layar, the augmented reality app which is pre-installed on many phones, has been around since the very early days. You add various layers on (such as points of interest in Wikipedia) and it overlays it on the live video feed displayed. However, like 3D flyover maps, the eye-candy soon fades for everyday usage scenarios. 

Cue the next step in Layar’s plan, magazine articles and content which load and overlay multimedia content – videos/live content/links and the like. Is this something people are likely to use on a continual basis? Looking at the past few years of AR implementations (see links below), none of them have entered the mainstream. We have the technology and the means to deploy on a mass-scale, but the usage scenarios are just so limited. The fact that Layar are specifically targeting paper magazines, something which more and more people are abandoning in favour of virtual ones (which already have the multimedia content embedded, in far higher quality), speaks volumes.  

Some examples of questionable AR over the past few years:
Augmented Reality by Hitlab
mini cabrio 3d augmented reality on webcam
BMW augmented reality


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