Expensive HDMI cables make no difference – the absolute proof

The debate about cheap HDMI cables has long been beaten to death, but this article is worth a read, only if to longingly admire the pure exhaustiveness of their testing methodology. In short, undisputedly, without even the slightly shred of doubt, cheap HDMI cables make no difference. To the pixel. 

“This high-quality card allowed us to capture the HDMI output from a device in a RAW uncompressed format with no error correction, using 24-bit RGB. This eliminates any colour cast or error correction from the equation, as we’re dealing with raw frames captured.”

“As an HDMI-certified cable allows for a maximum of 1-bit error in a billion (roughly one pixel incorrect per second), we captured 24 frames of the paused Sintel (one second’s worth) and saved them as uncompressed bitmap files that we could then compare to original frame we’d screen-grabbed on the PC. As the TrueHD doesn’t apply any correction to the source, a single pixel’s difference would be highlighted.”

“This takes two images and creates a third picture, highlighting any pixels that are different in red. Next, we created a MD5 hash of each file we captured. An MD5 hash is a unique fingerprint of file: if two files have the same MD5 hash, they’re physically and scientifically identical, no argument.”

Expensive HDMI cables make no difference – the absolute proof | Expert Reviews


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