On leaving Facebook » sbdc

As the show goes on, another one of the main reasons to be wary of Facebook, a valid point by Bonner. Keep in mind Facebook is doing what any large corporation would be doing as well – monetizing their products (the users) as effectively as possible – even more so now that their books are open, and they are looking for ways to justify their $100+bn valuation. 

Many argue that even though the demographic is right, the user’s intent is important – people prefer to see more relevant ads when they are searching to buy something on Google, rather than when they are socializing on Facebook. This of course means, a change of strategy, and presumably more aggressive marketing will follow. 

Also worth reading:

“Facebook has shown no respect for its users privacy. The site notoriously makes it difficult to understand who you are sharing what with, and has been known to reset privacy settings to defaults without notifying users. Defaults which share everything. Facebook tracks your usage of the web and knows pretty much everything else about your life. Facebook supports CISPA, and why wouldn’t they? It gives them a free pass to give your data to anyone. SOPA and PIPA didn’t. A service that knows everything about you, even things you don’t want it to, supports legislation that would allow it to give anyone that information without recourse – sounds great doesn’t it?”

On leaving Facebook » sbdc

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