Wozniak calls for open Apple

Wozniak is a genius and a visionary, but he’s also an idealist – some might say naive. There’s some things to note here:

* The first is that his point about Apple being able to be more open, whilst still retaining their insane profitability, I don’t believe is true. The structure of iCloud (and iOS by extension) does not lend itself to transportability, by design. The limited nature of exporting your information from your iOS device and iTunes is, by design. iMessage and SMS convergence, is by design. iBook’s proprietary .epub format, is by design. Making the hardware tinker-proof, is by design (look at the hoops jailbroken users jump through, to go ‘backwards’ in OS version, converse to the rest of the industry).

 All of the above, and more, is aimed squarely at keeping users within the ecosystem – it’s simply the best way to ensure they buy new hardware and corresponding software, repeatedly like clockwork. Open it all up, and people find it easier to transport their information between platforms, squeeze more life from their devices (or self-service them), find new and creative uses for them – all things which Wozniak wants to happen, but will ultimately affect the Apple bottom line. 

* The second is that the nature of computers, or more accurately technology companies nowadays is not forwarding innovation for it’s own sake. There must be a payoff at the end, a ROI that determines if projects go ahead. There’s a reason why they are sitting on a $100bn+ cash pile. New products are as much about the logistics and production feasibility, as they are about making dreams into reality.

Wozniak calls for open Apple


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