Virtual Friendship and the New Narcissism

A slightly dated (by internet years), but comprehensive summary of the inherent nature of social platforms, much of which still applies today. Entertaining to read the phrase ‘social networking sites are in their infancy’. Another trend not mentioned in the article that I’ve noticed is that occasionally for the less disciplined, the self-promotion carries across to real life. Where they wouldn’t before, some people I’ve noticed now take every opportunity to hijack conversations to steer it to talking about themselves, something habitually done on such platforms. 

 _”The implications of the narcissistic and exhibitionistic tendencies of social networkers also cry out for further consideration. There are opportunity costs when we spend so much time carefully grooming ourselves online. Given how much time we already devote to entertaining ourselves with technology, it is at least worth asking if the time we spend on social networking sites is well spent. In investing so much energy into improving how we present ourselves online, are we missing chances to genuinelyimprove ourselves?”_

Virtual Friendship and the New Narcissism


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