Skindle GUI « Rob Williams

If you’re an avid Amazon Kindle reader, at times you might have wondered about saving a copy of the books in your cloud library to your local PC. However, Kindle books are usually protected by DRM, linked in part to your unique account ID, even if you’ve purchased them already (or they’re part of the huge range of free titles that you can enjoy). I’m a strong believer that we should have ownership and portability of content that is rightfully ours, rather than at the behest of a company that decides when and on which devices we are limited to.

Enter ‘Skindle’, a Windows program to convert the .AZW files that the Kindle for PC client saves on your computer, into the popular .MOBI (also an Amazon format), less DRM. You can then re-convert them from there – preferably into the open-source .EPUB format. Alternatively, check out Calibre’s non-official plugin here for an alternative way: ( Both methods worked for me.

Disclaimer: Use this only for your own personal back-up purposes, for books and content you legally and rightfully own. What you do is your own responsibility.

Skindle GUI « Rob Williams


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