Samsung Galaxy S III spills battery life secrets – SlashGear

Some initial hands-on with the SGS3 indicates substantially higher than average battery life – close to 30 hours of use at an estimate. As I wrote in my article here (, the  32nm manufacturing process can yield significant power consumption improvements – this is a process that Samsung has also applied onto the newest revision A5 processor of the iPad2, for noticeably improved battery life.
As always, it’s the display which takes the most power, and like the similarly equipped Galaxy Nexus, the screen has a massive thirst. Looking at the graph in the link ( – notice a few things:
* At the 20.5 hour mark, there’s still 42% remaining. This by itself is not remarkable, a phone in standby the entire time will outlast this without much issue, but then:
* Look at the thin blue bar which runs underneath the battery graph, this indicates the screen-on / awake time. At least for the majority of the 20 hours, the screen has been on and working, there are even small dips corresponding to the brief awake time in the middle.
* The device idle time is 12%, which backs this up – it’s had a good amount of use in this time. In all, this performance is well above average compared to other devices on the market – it shows there’s been significant improvements in both the hardware and software to minimise drain. 
If you want to see similar stats on your phone, check out the Settings => Battery section. You can also press on the graph itself to view more in-depth details, like Wifi use times.

Samsung Galaxy S III spills battery life secrets – SlashGear


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