The Samsung Galaxy S III: The First Smartphone Designed Entirely By Lawyers

An analysis of the SGS3’s physical design – or how it may have been shaped in this way to avoid conflicting with existing Apple patents. It may well be the case, seeing as Samsung provides more than 1/4 the entire components to create an iPhone – it would make sense not to create a visually subtle change on one hand, and continue a healthy business relationship with the other. Keep in mind that Samsung (amongst others) bears no loyalty to the Android platform, they have a finger in each pie and act accordingly, as they should.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the SGS3’s shape, it lacks the aesthetic proportions and flourishes of a flagship design. Looking at it from a technical standpoint, many of the software improvements can be implemented on previous devices (without root access), rendering the hardware improvements nominal. For just over half the price, the Galaxy Nexus provides the same screen resolution in a similarly sized device and enough performance for most – and it’s here right now, a very manifestation of everything that an Android phone should be, no fluff. That’s one way to look at it.

More interestingly, looking at it from a market standpoint, we can see this device is aimed squarely at those who want user friendliness out of the box, without having to mess around with the nitty-gritty – sound curiously familiar? In addition, with customisations being afforded to carriers, they will happily continue to subsidise these devices. Everybody wins. Even the phone nerds like me (the initial benchmarks are extremely juicy). All the parts of the formula point towards a rampaging success – assuming there isn’t some disastrous design or manufacturing flaw early in the process.

“When Apple started patent trolling, they basically admitted they weren’t going to win in an open market, and they decided to drag Samsung down with them. The crazy thing is, Samsung is letting them. They’ve ceded ownership of the rectangle and other common sense design traits to Apple, and did everything they could to bow down to their largest customer.”

The Samsung Galaxy S III: The First Smartphone Designed Entirely By Lawyers


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