The Last Word On Nothing

On the transformation of language by the technologies that surround us. I don’t particularly agree that acronyms are the solution (it’s a trivial saving at best), more so an ability to filter out and quickly be able to prioritise what’s important and what’s not. Language, in all it’s forms, is something that constant evolves as a living and breathing mechanism, we should cherish and utilise it to it’s utmost.“Mandarin and Vietnamese contain more information per unit language, owing partly to their tonal inflections. Tonal languages like Mandarin encode information not only in the syllable but in the tone; the same word carries a different meaning if it’s uttered like a question or like a statement. That makes it harder for non native speakers to learn, but for people who are fluent, it packs more complex meaning into smaller carriers.”

tl;dr — a manifesto : The Last Word On Nothing


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