What makes one appear smarter and more sociable? | (blog)

As unfair as it is, appearance/gender does make a difference in other’s perception, at least initially. But how do you quantify this? Maybe by sampling 1000 photos of a variety of people, as http://judg.me did, then identifying trends in specific features with the viewer’s perception. Note that the data presented in the study may be biased, offensive or otherwise mis-representative of the general population (or perhaps encouraging stereotypes), so take it as you will.

Summary of the survey:

* Overall, Asians look the smartest, Latinos look the most social.
* Men look dumber and less social than women.
* Women with dyed hair look more social, but the dumbest.
* Men with Grey hair look the smartest, but the least social.
* Women with medium length hair look the smartest.
* Men with long hair look the most unsociable / dumbest.
* Sunglasses make you look more social, but dumber.
* Facial hair makes you look smarter, and more social.
* Everybody looks smarter and more sociable outdoors.
* Nobody likes fatter people.
* People alone look smarter than with a partner.

To read the nitty gritty and see the graphs, see the link below.

What makes one appear smarter and more sociable? | (blog)


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