Lava Xolo X900 – The First Intel Medfield Phone

I wouldn’t have thought an x86 powered phone would be power-efficient, compact nor powerful, but here’s the Xolo X900 (based on a reference Intel design), proving itself in both areas quite soundly. It’s right up there with the best of today’s ARM heroes, including the One X. This is important not because of the device itself, but because of it’s architecture.

‘The Atom Z2460 in the X900 is a competent dual-core Cortex A9 competitor with competitive battery life and power draw, and no doubt Z2580 (its dual core, SGX544MP2 high end counterpart clearly targeted at Windows 8 platforms) will be equally as competitive against quad core A9s. If Intel’s goal with both Medfield and the X900 was to establish a foothold in the smartphone SoC space and demonstrate that it can indeed deliver x86 in a smaller form factor and lower power profile than ever before then it truly is mission accomplished.

The x86 power myth is finally busted. While the X900 doesn’t lead in battery life, it’s competitive with the Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy Nexus. In terms of power efficiency, the phone is distinctly middle of the road – competitive with many of the OMAP 4 based devices on the market today. If you’ve been expecting the first x86 smartphone to end up at the bottom of every battery life chart, you’ll be sorely disappointed. “

Lava Xolo X900 Review – The First Intel Medfield Phone


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