The idiocy of Yahoo! Answers

In their vague search to identify what they actually do (long gone are the days where portals were required or effective), at least Yahoo can put ‘SEO sorcery’ on their list.

Tip: To remove Yahoo Answers from Google search results, click ‘back’ after navigating to the Yahoo Answers page (to go back to search results page), and you will see a ‘Block’ item under the list of search results.

“Yep, further research confirmed that as a tool, “Yahoo! Answers” is as flimsy as a twist-tie, as dignified as a spork. There are vastly more competent crowdsourcing enterprises out there – Wikipedia, for example – but I have been fascinated by “Yahoo! Answers” for its sheer ubiquity. There is no question too weighty or too frivolous for it, no ethnic stereotype so appalling that Yahoo! users won’t weigh in with their thoughts.

For example, from the “Yahoo! Answer” that was declared best – it’s right at the top of the Google search results – I learned that the reason mankind so often resorts to war is … “I don’t know.””

The idiocy of Yahoo! Answers


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