How Sony Fell Behind in the Tech Parade

I remember seeing a complete Sony catalog back in the late ’90s and it was half as thick as a phone book, an exhaustive self-congratulatory collection of every single product category and a countless number of variations of each product. I can’t recall, in recent history, (apart from the Playstation) the last truly innovative product Sony has introduced.

“No one was terribly surprised last week when Sony announced that its losses this year would be worse than it had expected. Sony, after all, hasn’t turned a profit since 2008. It now expects to lose $6.4 billion this year. The reason is plain: Sony hasn’t had a hit product in years.

The verdict of the stock market has been swift and brutal. Sony’s share price closed at 1,444 yen ($17.83) on Friday, a quarter of its value a decade ago and roughly where it stood in the mid-1980s, when the Walkman ruled. Sony’s market value is now one-ninth that of Samsung Electronics, and just one-thirtieth of Apple’s.”

How Sony Fell Behind in the Tech Parade


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