So Facebook Is Rich: What Has It Done For Us Lately?

A look at the impact of the Facebook platform on developers and the economy. It’s a service which has proliferated to such a degree and is so rapidly evolving, it’s well worth examining in detail it’s entire ecosystem.

“There are indeed risks to relying too much on Facebook. The apps, and, really, all aspects of the site, remain at Facebook’s mercy, and the company has been known to quickly and drastically change course. “Facebook is scary because it’s controlled basically by one dude,” said Riley Gibson, CEO of Napkin Labs, which helps companies connect with customers on Facebook. “The ultimate risk is that they can pull the plug on us. If we do too many things against their terms — and this has happened to a couple startups — they can just turn us off.””

And some opinions on the current direction of the company and it’s unconventional structure and workflows:

“Also, Facebook’s special strain of hacker culture is worth examining in its own right. The company is famous for prizing the iconoclastic work of small teams, for valuing the best solution regardless of provenance, for moving quickly, and for fearlessly building new systems and features from the ground up.”

So Facebook Is Rich: What Has It Done For Us Lately?


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