gladwell dot com – the science of shopping

First posted in ’96, many of the observations about shopper’s psychology still hold true, though less relevant with the update of online shopping – which is a study in it’s own right.

“The next thing retailers want to do is to encourage the shopper to walk deep into the store. The trick there is to put “destination items”-basics, staples, things that people know you have and buy a lot of-at the rear of the store. Gap stores, invariably, will have denim, which is a classic destination item for them, on the back wall. Many clothing stores also situate the cash/wrap and the fitting rooms in the rear of the store, to compel shoppers to walk back into Zone 3 or 4. In the store’s prime real estate-which, given Paco’s theory of the Decompression Zone and the Invariant Right, is to the right of the front entrance and five to fifteen paces in-you always put your hottest and newest merchandise, because that’s where the maximum number of people will see it.”

gladwell dot com – the science of shopping


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