Google Music

If you want to have access to all your music whilst on the road, storage limitations will set in if you have anything more than a modest collection. I recently signed up for the completely free Google Music service and began to upload my entire music collection. The initial upload was lengthy (it took just under a month slowly uploading in the background at a self-induced upload 512kbps limit) for 12,000 odd songs.

However, I can verify that it’s very useful – streaming is fast and available wherever data is available. Full song/album caching is also an option if you are going out of range for a while (using the official Google Music Android app). There is also a full-featured browser client for desktop listening. Google allows for a limit of 20,000 songs initially.

Note that this service is only officially available in the US, if you are overseas there are workarounds (which I had to employ).

Google Music – Set your music free.


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