“Another World” source code review

One of my favourite games of all time, “Another World”, from the old DOS days, has it’s source code analysed. For a game made in 1991, it was incredibly advanced and was amazingly polished, utilising a combination of hand drawn backgrounds and polygonal animations. Brutally unforgiving, the storyline and gameplay were (and I’d argue still are) better than many multi-million dollar studio games of today. It’s also apparently available on Android and iOS now.

On a related note, I’d argue the 90’s produced some legendary games that will live on forever, unhindered by the eye-candy requirements, breakneck pace of releases and ruthless publishing requirements of today. Games like Civilization, Syndicate, X-Com: UFO Defence, Doom, Star Control, Deus Ex, The Ultima Series, Dune, Theme Park to name a few.

“The source code of “Another World’ was never officially released nor leaked. Some people were so passionate about this groundbreaking game that they reverse engineered the DOS executable.”

Note that it’s a common mistake the French game ‘Flashback’ is the sequel to Another World, though both were published by the same house. Flashback is quite enjoyable in it’s own right.

You can view the complete playthrough here: Another World Remake Playthrough (Part 01) (Part 1)
Another World Remake Playthrough (Part 02) (Part 2)
Another World Remake Playthrough (Part 03) (Part 3)
Another World Remake Playthrough (Part 04) (Part 4)

If you have any old classics that you have a soft spot for, feel free to chime in!

“Another World” source code review


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