The Transformer Prime Reviews are In

And the Asus Transformer Prime Reviews are in. The first of many Tegra 3 quad-core tablets, with an astoundingly bright screen, sleek aluminium chassis, the skinniest form factor around and 10-14 hour battery life (before the additional battery in the dock). An Android 4.0 release is also guaranteed for this device, which should iron out any remaining software issues. I would not be surprised if they sold out at launch time.

If you already have a Transformer or 10.1, then it might be worthwhile to stop and rethink a purchase, but if this is your first tablet, then it’s definitely a good right choice. Unlike the mediocre Xoom 2, the Transformer Prime will be current for at least a year longer.



Rumour has it there’s a x2 resolution bump around the corner in February with Samsung’s 10.1 tab replacement, fingers crossed.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime review


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