Nexus S and Galaxy S i9000 Get CM9 Alpha

After briefly playing around with an ICS 4.0.1 port on the trusty Galaxy S, I have to say I’m quite impressed with the improvements brought forward by this revision of Android. Even though this port in particular is still very beta, nearly all functions work, which allowed me to test out the new usability and feature boosts. Large improvements in the core apps (such as GMail / Calendar / Contacts), much more logical layouts of screens, a shift towards on-screen buttons and menus and a more polished appearance throughout the system (in respect to animations, responsiveness and design) are the most noticeable ones.

Adjustable system-wide font size is welcomed (as the standard layout has a tiny font, most likely optimised for the high-res devices), as is native mouse/trackpad support (for tablets). The browser tab management system and extra features brought over from Honeycomb are definitely worth a mention. For beginners, a more logical tutorial on the homescreen welcomes you, and much easier to use voice and keyboard inputs. For the geeks, system-wide 2D hardware acceleration, device-encryption, full device backups, ability to overlay CPU usage, process display, detailed battery stats, adjustable animation scales, visual touch points and trails are all within reach. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the Face Unlock feature to activate, the front camera on the I9000 has a messed up aspect ratio in this port.

I’ve gone back to CM7 (2.3.7) till the ICS port is more refined, as there are still some minor issues with managing storage settings and the camera, as well as MMS. All in time though, a very impressive effort so far.

Nexus S and Galaxy S i9000 Get CM9 Alpha | xda-developers


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