Productivity Future Vision (2011)

This is Microsoft’s vision of what the future will look like, presumably in a much distance future, according to their marketing department. Lots of slick animations and user interfaces, though some things are noteworthy:

* Only a fraction of the tasks undertaken in the video are tasks which will truly benefit from more integration with technology, the rest is just day-dreaming for it’s own sake. For example, in such a perfect future, why would a worker need to physically travel to another’s desk to share information?
* Phone home screens are a confusing mass of pictures/text in a tri-tone mono-fonted layout. Why are phone screens still so tiny?
* There’s precious little reference to security or identity verification.
* In such a utopian and advanced future, why are keyboards with F1-F8 keys still in use? Actually why are there even still keyboards?
* Cars still require a living, breathing person to drive them.
* In one scene, there is a guy manipulating a touch-sensitive interface. Except that it’s on an entire wall, maybe it’s his exercise routine? In the same room, amongst these huge displays, there’s a guy on a tiny laptop. Yes, a laptop.
* The display technology in use allows content to fly off the screen, rendering physical borders to screens obsolete. That’s quite clever. As is displaying more pixels than there actually are pixels.
* In this future, we require everything to be spelled out to us in very simplified language, with colourful icons and animations, or else we won’t understand it.
* The girl is using a stylus with her tablet. Yes, a stylus. Some things never change MIcrosoft.
* This is all well and good, but I want to know how our toilets will improve. Will it analyse and distribute the exact water flow required?
* Just how much in licensing fees does Microsoft collect from the products in the video (presumably the see-through fridge is patented)?

* It’s remarkably similar to their 2009 ‘vision’ (Productivity Future Vision (2009)), a re-hash but with slight tweaks.

YouTube – Productivity Future Vision (2011)


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