Matt’s Webcorner – Starcraft 2 Automated Player

Astounding, guy makes entirely automated Starcraft 2 player from scratch, provides all technical details within. As many would know, SC2 is a game with near infinite numbers of strategies and possibilities, so there is still a ways to go.

“At the moment the I have tweaked my AI so that it will always beat all the non-insane computer opponents on all ladder maps and all possible race matchups. Its primary purpose is to defeat human play-styles, so these are not excellent tests, but they do demonstrate its feasibility to win in a standard matchup against a non-trivial opponent. Viewed from the ivory tower of theoretical machine learning, the availability of “independent and identically distributed” opponents provided by is a rich opportunity to quantify and improve the AI’s skill set. Given enough time to play games on, the AI can perform simple variable optimization to determine properties such as what army size is appropriate for attacking. This could then be extended to more complex learning, such as examining replay files (both its own collection and downloaded replays from professional matches) and datamining these to improve its performance. “

Matt’s Webcorner – Starcraft 2 Automated Player


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