A Reminder: Google+

If you’ve a bit tired of reading about people’s meals, navel lint or updates about the inane minutiae of their lives and you have been craving some kind of semi-intelligent constructive discussion or activity around current topics or otherwise, allow me to remind you about Google+, the now open-for-public social network that brings together the best features of Twitter and Facebook. I find the conversations to be more enjoyable, it has a brilliant mobile application and there are a huge number of news and lifestyle sources to follow. I often post quick (or not so quick) thoughts on G+, links to interesting articles or news, on any variety of topics, as it is far more frictionless and integrated. For long articles, I will still use this WordPress blog, as it allows for proper formatting and embedding of pictures (not to mention permanency in it’s links). Google+ now has more than 40 million users and growing.

If you want to auto-forward your Google+ posts to Twitter, use this: http://manageflitter.com/
Once you’re signed up, follow me on G+!
Or, if you find me yawn-inducing, then some interesting characters to follow: http://www.recommendedusers.com/

See you on Google+!


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