Android App – Desktop SMS

For convenience, cost savings or large quantity of SMS, DeskSMS works extremely well. I tested it out with e-mail notifications, G-Talk notifications and Chrome Extension (web app) notifications. All three work promptly (< 30 seconds before delivery) as well as allow for two-way communication.

I see the benefits of this as:

* Reply to / send new SMS’s to any of your contact list via any of the four methods (e-mail / GTalk / Chrome extension / web-app).
* Quick replies without having to touch your phone, convenient if you’re at work or if you prefer typing on a keyboard.
* Can easily SMS large number of people.
* If you don’t have access to your phone (ie. left it at home) you can still read / reply SMS’s.

Requires substantial permissions, but from a reputable developer. Direct market Link:

Send / Receive Text Messages On Android From Desktop Web Browser, Gmail Or Gtalk Using DeskSMS App | Redmond Pie


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