Blog Revamp

You might have noticed things look a bit different on the blog: I’ve been using the same theme since the beginning and it was time for a change. I’ve just switched across to one of WordPress’s other themes, I was getting a bit tired of looking at the same sterile theme all the time. This theme gives the site a more organic look, makes post headings ALOT easier to read / find (they were monochrome and in small text before). A quick summary of other changes:

  • Navigation bar is now on left and in drop down menu form (to save space).
  • Double up on RSS feed has been removed, just one RSS reference.
  • E-mail link has been removed, I prefer to correspond by Twitter to answer Qs. If you don’t use Twitter, do me a favour, sign up now, it’s free.
  • Recent blog posts and Twitter posts has been added on left, a quick way to see activity on my feeds.
  • Added social sharing options on posts, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as e-mail this / print this options.
  • Comments are now ordered from newest to oldest (ala Youtube style).

Looking forward to posting more content.


2 thoughts on “Blog Revamp

  1. Hi Carl, thanks for the kind words, I’ve subscribed to your blog :) Looking forward to reading your posts, I do reminisce on the odd occasion about the days of DOS command prompts and CGA graphics.

    I find Twitter to be a more timely and efficient manner for communicating with readers. Allow me to elaborate:

    * The only effort required on reader’s part is pressing the ‘follow’ button.
    * Any answers to users, are publicly accessible so anybody can see them (although this is more applicable to replies on posts).
    * Followers on Twitter also receive updates on new posts, so it’s like a news update and two-way communication channel in one.
    * Posts are limited to 140-characters, resulting in quick exchanges. I’m of course, still happy to discuss with more detail, which can be done in the comments section as we are demonstrating here.
    * Twitter also allows me to highlight interesting articles and links I find around the web, which aren’t my own original content, thus not blog worthy.

    Hope that helps :)

  2. You’ve got some good android stuff on your site and have been following for awhile. I thought long and hard about using this theme for a blog I just started,, but decided to go with something more mundane. Great job you did with it. This old fart is still trying to figure twitter out, how does it serve you better than email?

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