Blog Stats and Updates – Part 2!

It’s been two months since the last stats update and I wanted to check how the humble blog was doing, numbers wise. Those who know me also know that I love looking at stats and graphs, so here’s the current situation and what we can learn from it, courtesy of WordPress’s excellent built-in stats. But before that, I want to give a heartfelt thank you to all readers, subscribers and Twitter followers who have put up with my bad grammar and shoddy penmanship till now, it makes it all worth it. I would like to improve the quality of the blog, so if there’s something that bothers you, even if it’s text size or type of articles, please let me know in comments below.

Anyway, onto the stats:

First up, the total stats. Note that the blog started about 1 or 2 months before the start of the graph. But whoa, traffic grew sharply to around 3000 views a week around Week 48, which is around the time I published my tablet review of the rather forgettable Freescale tablet. Since then it has dropped off slightly.

Here’s a list of the search terms in search engines which have brought people to this site. It seems like the Android Browser Comparison (followed by the Launcher Comparison) is popular, though sadly somewhat outdated. Nearly all the the search terms are based around Android devices. I did a search on Android Launcher Comparison in Google and it was the first result on Google. The Android Browser Comparison was second. Hmm, that’s a pleasant surprise!

Now onto the most popular articles. Once again nearly all Android related, I am actually quite surprised the Freescale Tablet is the most popular article, as the actual hardware itself is quite average. I do know however, that these cheap type of tablets are extremely widespread on ebay and online shops, possibly explaining their popularity.

And now, the referrers who send traffic over here. Thank you to all, it looks like the links were posted on a few forums (including a Polish Android forum), leading to an influx of traffic, as well as some link aggregators. It’s interesting to note as well that Google Reader (as well as Twitter) did send some traffic across, so that means that some people are following via RSS. I love RSS.

So that’s it for now, this is great information on knowing who’s reading, what they are reading and where they come from, which is why I thought I would share it with you. I look forward to continuing to babble on in future articles. As mentioned, if you have any suggestions or feedback, I would love to read it.



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