Blog Stats and Updates

Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any articles (damn you, Starcraft 2!), and I decided to take a look at the stats for my humble blog to see what’s been going on. Here’s how it looks (since the beginning):

So what can we see from these stats?

  • Views have increased gradually throughout time, even as my post frequency has reduced.
  • Majority of views have been related to Android or technology related topics.
  • People have found my blog mostly through Google searches or links posted from forums.
  • View counts are tiny compared to large blogs, but for a non-profit and personal blog, it’s OK.

And what does that mean?

  • People visit my blog to find information and tips.
  • Visit durations are usually fairly short, and a number of people then subscribe either via RSS or Twitter to receive future updates.

My original intent for the blog was not only to post whatever was on my mind, but to act as a repository for knowledge (mostly Android related) and tips for those who proceeded down a similar route. The stats are extremely encouraging, and far exceeded my expectations! I’m thankful to everybody who spent the time to stop by and read, those who posted a comment and most of all, I’m glad that my ramblings have helped somehow helped somebody with a problem or informed them.

Based on this, I will be writing more articles and guides from now on, still mostly on Android-related topics, but still covering my other interests, such as cars, photography and games. I’m convinced that creating original content (and hopefully helpful content at that), is the way to go, rather than what I ate for lunch. Stay tuned for more typos and bad grammar, and thank you again!


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