[Guide] How to fix Youtube RSS Feeds for Subscriptions

If you’re a Youtube regular, you might well have a number of subscriptions you follow. If you check these subscriptions regularly, there’s no problem, however leave it a few days and you’ll notice an issue. The number of recent videos from subscriptions only goes to 100 and it’s even less on the mobile versions of Youtube.

This means that any older videos, you lose track of forever. Nobody likes to miss out on potentially entertaining faceplants, so enter RSS feeds. However, Youtube has a shockingly bad RSS feed system, which throws an error by default. Individual channel’s RSS feeds work fine, however what if you want one RSS feed for ALL your subscriptions?

Here’s how to fix it:

Step 1) Go to Youtube and Sign in, then click on ‘Account’ in top right. ‘Activity Sharing’ is what you’re after.

Step 2) Enable ‘Subscribe to a Channel’, save and close.

Step 3) Open your favorite RSS reader, and enter this address for RSS feeds:


Substitute username for your own Youtube username. Problem solved! Now you can keep track of all your new subscription videos, without having to manually check them in Youtube.


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