[Info] Aftermarket vs. OEM Phone Batteries

Battery Boss (no relation to Coffee Boss) has an in-depth table of test result for various HTC OEM batteries vs aftermarket batteries from a variety of manufacturers including Seido and Mugen. Intriguing results, especially with some of the embellished claims made by 3rd party batteries.

Interesting notes:

  • Nexus One OEM battery is rated at 1400mah, shared with Desire, Evo and Hero.
  • These phones can also interchange batteries with Touch Pro 2 batteries, of which there are more options.
  • OEM Battery outperforms some aftermarket batteries rated at 1600-1700mah.
  • Batteries with regular use lose around 1.3% of capacity PER MONTH, through wear and tear, that’s around 15% per year. Interchangeable batteries for a long-term use phone is a must.

Head on over to read the full article: http://batteryboss.org/


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