[Review] Logitech DiNovo Keyboard for Notebook

Product: Logitech Dinovo Keyboard for Notebook Description: Wireless add-on Keyboard Price: $50 From: PC DIY Official Site: http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/keyboards/keyboard/devices/4742

Pros: Excellent key press motion, possibly to their the micro-scissors. Concave keys combined with convex bottom row allow for easy function key pressing. Basic media keys are present, work fine. Full size keys and numpad are a bonus, as well as a non-cramped arrow key layout. Large Control and Delete keys are a bonus. Easy on the eyes, slim profile, pleasure to type on and very quiet. Battery life is supposed to be long (3 years), although have not yet used it long enough to comment.

Cons: Aluminium-look wrist rest can be cold at times, no angle adjustment on bottom of keyboard (although flat is how I prefer), one or two keys can occasionally make a slight squeaking noise if you press them at the edges. Wireless receiver is not the ‘nano’ type, which means if you transport your laptop, it’s best to remove the receiver in case it breaks off.

Notes: I’m fairly fussy with keyboards, due to the amount of typing that I do, the pace at which I type (around 90-110 wpm) and the worry of RSI (which becomes evident fairly soon if I use a poorly manufactured keyboard). I’ve jumped around in the past between Microsoft Natural keyboards (with the split design, I found to be very comfortable), Logitech Wave keyboard (also comfortable, but with longish throw) and Chiclet style keyboards (as evidenced on my Asus UL50VT). My preference has been towards short-throw full-size keys, with appropriate ergonomics such as wrist rest and angles, to which the DiNovo delivers on all counts. After lengthy typing sessions, my hands feel as comfortable as they started, and the key presses require little to no effort. There are even shorter throw keyboards like Cherry’s, but this is still an excellent balance between movement arcs and typing effort. Definitely recommended, especially as it’s not much more expensive than more generic keyboards.


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