What’s new in Android 2.2?

View the official video here. How exciting!

In summary:
* Faster Javascript engine for quicker web browsing. Google claim it is the quickest mobile web browser ever, but we will see.
* Ability to install apps to the SD card, instead of built in memory, allowing for vastly more app storage. Also has auto-restore if for some reason you had to reset.
* Faster Dalvik VM for quicker program execution and performance.
* OS optimisation for better responsiveness and battery life.
* Auto-updating for market apps (previously you had to choose each program individually to update). Market responsiveness is also supposed to be better. Also has ‘update all’ function.
* Built in wifi-hotspot to allow other devices to use your phone’s data connection (in addition to USB tethering).
* Flash 10.1 support, even embedded videos and games appear to play smoothly.
* Cloud syncing, so you can send items and information to your phone from your PC’s web browser (like addresses, etc).
* Improved homescreen (with docks).
* Wireless-N improvements.
* Improved search bar – search specific parts of your phone or online in the Google search widget.
* Built in integrated task and application manager.
* Improved Microsoft Exchange support, including remote wipe / device administrators / etc.
* Better camera app.


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