[Guide] Resolving Sync Conflicts on Android 2.1

In specific rare circumstances you may encounter a sync error in Android, when attempting to sync your Google Calendar, Contacts or Mail. I encountered one of these sync issues recently when accidentally restoring a backup (with MyBackup) of my Contacts, whilst the phone was grabbing the latest contacts from the Google servers. As a result, there was a clash and an error sync icon appears in the ‘Accounts’ sub-menu, with the message: “Sync is experiencing problems, please try again later”.

Even if you turn off auto-sync and re-enabled it, or force a manual sync, the problem will still occur. This happens because the phone does not know if the server version or the manually updated version is fresher, and which one to keep. It may even result in your contact list on the Google servers duplicating the contacts, as the phone will re-send it’s contact list. However, there is a ‘Merge Duplicates’ button on the Google Contacts page which will fix this (http://www.google.com.au/contacts)
To fix the sync conflict on your phone:
  • From home screen => Menu => Settings => Applications
  • => Manage Applications => Menu => Filter => All
  • Find the item called Contacts Storage (or Calendar Storage, or Gmail Storage, depending what type of sync error you’re having)
  • Hit the ‘Clear Data’ button
  • You can confirm your contacts on the phone have been removed by launching the Contacts application, or going to your contacts list and there should be no entries
  • Return to home screen, then Menu => Settings => Account & Sync => Auto-Sync On
  • The phone will now grab the ‘only’ version of contacts from the Google servers. This may take a few minutes and you will be able to see your contact list populating
  • The sync error icon is no longer present, problem solved
Generally, you should never get a sync error, only if you manually force an update of some kind with a 3rd party app. 

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