Chrome & Firefox Extension Recommendations

Following on from the previous article about Chrome, here is my list of Chrome extensions that I use on a daily basis. All extensions can be found in the Chrome Extension Gallery.

  • Adblock – Get rid of those pesky text and image ads on sites, note that the content is still loaded, but hidden, due to the way Chrome renders pages. Boo to CPM.
  • Autopager – Loads the next page in articles/forums/etc seamlessly. Saves lots of time, especially for long multi-page articles. Works for most common site layouts.
  • Chromed Bird – Quick access to Twitter in the top bar. Allows DMs, Retweets and more.
  • Facebook – Quick access to Facebook in the top bar. Allows PMs, Notifications and more.
  • Fast Youtube Search – Until I figure out how to do inline Youtube searches in the address bar, this cuts down one additional step in finding Youtube videos.
  • FFixer – General enhancements for Facebook, auto enlarge pictures, more efficient use of screen space.
  • Flashblock – Replaces flash objects on sites with a placeholder. This can be configured on a per-site basis if you want to allow exceptions. Very useful for video sites which auto-play as soon as the object is loaded, or if you want to save bandwidth.
  • PostPoner Adder / Manager – An extension for ReadItLater, I will go into detail on this in an upcoming article about Paperdroid.
  • Reader Plus – Comprehensive enhancements for Google Reader. Note that on slower machines, too much fluff can slow down Reader. I only use a re-skin and open in background options.
  • RSS Subscription Extension – If a site has RSS capability, an RSS icon is added after the address, which allows one click subscription to the service of your choice. Easier than sifting around the site trying to find RSS button.
  • Send from Gmail – Allows one-click forwarding of the page you’re viewing to an address of your choice. Ideal for forwarding pages of interest to friends, or even forwarding pages to yourself for later reading on other devices.
  • Skipscreen – If you download from free file hosting sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc, this will streamline the process more, and reduce the number of clicks you have to make.
  • Stop Autoplay for Youtube – If you’re like me and you open Youtube vids in background tabs for later viewing, it’s an annoyance to have to switch to the tab, wait for the video to load, pause it and then come back to it later. This extension allows the video to load and buffer, but pauses it immediately so you can view it when you’re ready.
  • Xmarks Bookmark Sync – Stores and syncs your bookmarks on the cloud, ready for web access when you’re on the road, or syncs with other programs like Firefox. Note that the built in Chrome bookmark sync is slightly different, as it syncs your bookmarks in a difficult to access form when you’re on the road (saving them as Google Docs hidden objects individually).
  • Youtube Automatic Quality Changer – If you have bandwidth to spare, then going around and changing the video quality to maximum for each individual video can be a chore. Youtube’s quality settings only allow it to max out at 480p if you enlarge the video size, so if you want 720p or 1080p video automatically, install this.
  • Youtube Video Download – A small button shows up under Youtube videos allowing you the choice of all available qualities and formats to download the current video in. One click or right click to save as, preserving naming conventions.

There are are number of add-ons for Firefox which there appears to be no Chrome alternative to. All Firefox extensions can be found in Firefox Addons:

  • DownloadHelper – One click or shortcut downloads of flash video content from a variety of sites (such as Break). Either sends the content to the built in download manager or a third party download manager such as DTA. Useful when the site does not have a download link for the videos.
  • DownThemAll – Allows you to download all links or pictures on a page, good for galleries. Built in download manager also splits files into segments allowing for faster downloads if the site supports it. 
  • FacePAD – Download an entire Facebook Album in one click. I hate having to go through each picture and right click / save as.
  • Net Usage Item – An extension for monitoring your data usage with your ISP. Some Australian ISP’s are supported. Has since been made obsolete since I have moved to an unlimited plan.
  • Noscript – Selectively disable Javascript execution on pages. If you’re concerned about security, this is the extension to get.
  • Snap Links Plus – Right click drag to draw a box around all the links you want to open in new background tabs. Works for links / pictures / files / etc. Good for galleries where you don’t want to keep right clicking everything.

Got anymore suggestions? Leave a comment!


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