Which Blog?


One of the inherent difficulties I (and I’m sure many people) have faced is deciding which blog host/software they will dedicate themselves to. With so many options around, and with blogging being such a time-intensive activity, the right choice is important. The ability to seamlessly transfer information between blogs if a change is made is near non-existent on most of them, so in my search for a suitable blog host, my options were:

  • Tumblr (http://www.tumblr.com) – Large amount of customisability, lots of free themes and plenty of IO features. Popular. However, no tag support, this is a deal breaker.
  • Weebly (http://www.weebly.com) – Very large amount of customisability and adaptability to extra sources of info (such as embedding video / maps). Some features locked to Pro subscription model. No tag support, also a deal breaker.
  • Blogspot (http://www.blogspot.com) – Some customisability, easy to use, cheers to Kenny for information regarding Blogspot (http://zkthlz.blogspot.com/).

Without a self-hosting facility (I lack the resolve and technical knowledge to host a comprehensive and dynamic website, even though I have plentiful upload bandwidth), and wanting a host with a fairly lengthy life-expectancy, my options were the above. Even though I had little expectation, I was pleasantly surprised to see the norm was mobile updating (either through e-mail/SMS or Android/Blackberry) apps and comprehensive customisation option to get your site looking exactly how you like.

Some tests later and I found that Weebly was slightly quicker and their page customisation bar is substantially more comprehensive. However, their controls have a strong emphasis on adsense and product promotion, plus some of their better features are on the subscription pack which is a 2-year subscription. So I opted for Blogspot, it seems quite popular, allows enough customisation and on-the-fly editing for my simple needs, and they don’t keep asking you for money. Plus it’s part of the Google family, which means seamless integration with Buzz. I’m a big fan of tagging everything and Blogspot has lots of it.

Slap on a simple and readable theme with only 4 colours (hope you like it), squeeze in some tags, and we’re ready to drop in some information. Here goes nothing.


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